Shampoo hair with the appropriate Momoko Shampoo depending on hair type/condition.
 (Select from the application matrix).
Rinse hair thoroughly and towel dry.
Apply the appropriate Momoko Pre-Treatments depending on hair type.
  (Select from the application matrix).

Apply the appropriate Momoko Softening Solution in small sections, ensuring even distribution
(select from application matrix).
Start with more resistant areas first and apply at least 1 inch from the scalp.
Cover hair with plastic film and leave to develop at room temperature – see timings on application matrix.
Check whether the ‘softening’ test curl is yet holding at 1.5x diameter of the Rod used or perform a hair
strand elasticity test at regular intervals to avoid over processing.
Mid-Rinse. Rinse hair and apply Mid-Rinse Treatments.
Apply Momoko Deo Rinse, massage through hair and rinse.
Apply Momoko CMC3, massage through hair, rinse and towel dry.

Apply Momoko Pre-Winding Treatments –Apply Momoko Repair Milk from roots to ends.
Apply Momoko Shine Oil from mid to end sections of the hair.
Spray Rod Papers with Momoko Mist and wind hair onto Rods.

Spray Rod Papers with Momoko Mist and wind hair onto Rods.

Secure Rods with Anti-Heat Rubber Bands and Ridge Clips.
Attach Rods to the Digital Perm Machine using the Rod Lines
(for times and settings see application matrix).
When complete allow Rods to cool before removing the Ridge Clips.

Apply the appropriate Momoko Neutraliser (see application matrix). Leave to develop at room temperature (for timings see application matrix).
Final Rinse
Rinse hair and apply Final-Rinse Treatments. Apply Momoko Deo Rinse (undiluted) and massage through hair. Leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse. Apply Momoko CMC3 and massage through hair. Rinse and towel dry.

Comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Apply Momoko Repair Milk and style.