They are specialist of Digital Perm and have more than 10 years experience of that technique.
They trained at Yamano Beauty College in Japan, Kenji & Ryoko have been flourishing as trendy stylists at hair salons in Tokyo, New York and London since 2001.
They have been working in London since 2008, during which time Kenji contributed enormously to the establishment of Japanese new hair salon in Covent Garden and now both work at Earth, Oxford Circus.
With their technical and innovative talent aside, their great asset is their caring personalities; always to put their clients’
preference first, very friendly and cheerful and even entertaining. Their advice is highly knowledgeable and helpful for any type of hairstyles.
Kenji & Ryoko specialise in not only Cut, Colour, HighLights and Digital Perm but also in handling with any type of hair; Asian, Blond, Brunette, Caucasian and beyond.
They also work for fashion shows and publishing their work online sites.