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-Important notice- 

When we reopen our salon, we may not be able to take a call or email back quickly due to the  short staffed situation because of Covid-19. Online Booking is the quickest way to book appointment.We appologise for the inconvenience.If you are returning customer but this is your first time online booking, please create your new account or click "remind password" and then reset the password.You can see the created appointment on your account and you will get a confirmation email only before 24 hours from your appointment. 
For Consultation inquiries, please fill out the consultation form below and send it by email with the pictures of your hair. We are not able to do the consultation at the salon during this circumstances.






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We are the specialist of Digital Perm in London. Over 10 years experience  Located heart of SOHO

If you want what you haven't got, we can give it to you. Simple. Specializing Digital Perm.

Damageless Digital Perm


We have many selection of Digital Perm solutions and use them depends on customer's hair condition and type. Our Digital Perm specialists can judge which Digital Perm solution is suitable for each customer's hair and also apply moisturizing treatment between the process to protect your hair.